Mission and Vision

Our Mission

VSSC Central School has a seven -fold mission viz:

  • To cater to the education needs of the children of the employees of ISRO Centres and its related units including CISF and IIST
  • To pursue excellence in school education with thrust on space science
  • To collaborate with educational bodies like 'CBSE' and 'NCERT' and promote innovations in the field of educations
  • To develop in the students, staff and the school community the spirit of National Integration and patriotism
  • To equip the students with academic excellence, life skills and values and help them live an enriching and productive life
  • To instil the students concern and consideration for others , awareness of environment, cultural heritage and readiness to face fearlessly the problems and challenges in future
  • The school community is committed to develop in students discipline, resilience, adaptability, knowledge and skills to become interdependent and socially responsible adults to make the world better and a safer place

Our Vision

    To bring into school an environment where every individual is cared for in all ways, always- 'academically', 'spiritually', 'morally', 'intellectually', 'physically', 'socially', 'emotionally' - in partnership with the parents and the Management.