Principal's Message

In a world punctuated with extreme emotional, intellectual and social turbulence, petrified by realities that shear apart the familiar themes of schooling, VSSC Central School, upholds the traditions and ethos of India with modern technology in an environment where every child is an individual. The school is committed to academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological, spiritual health and social consciousness, inspiring the students to evolve as independently thinking individuals imbibing traits of initiative and leadership to enable them to become world citizens. We at VSSC Central School are engaged in a tireless striving, inspiring students to develop sound ethical values and expose them to a technologically driven environment, even as they remain anchored onto ideals that helped to enlighten and mould the themes of the compassionate human being, making contributions to the rich heritage and developing human potential towards the betterment of society. Here learners are constantly made conscious of the dire need to prepare themselves for a life beyond the class rooms. Considering the fact that India aims to become a superpower backed by robust economic growth, we instill a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in our students and make them aware that our thoughts determine our actions and we can change our reality by changing our thoughts. The school inculcates those values and themes enshrined in the Constitution of India.

Dr Beena Prabha