School Library

Libraries are springs from which knowledge flows to irrigate the wide fields of education and culture"- Dr Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan, the father of Library Science, Documentation and Information Science in India.

One of the major goals of our school library is to promote reading habit among the students and to update the information and knowledge base of students and teachers using modern information and communication technology

Aims & Objectives of our school library :

  • To contribute to the fulfillment of the educational aims of the school.
  • To promote the use of various library resources in teaching and library process.
  • To educate the students in independent learning and to enhance class room teaching.
  • To encourage the habit of personal investigation.
  • To encourage lifelong education/learning through the use of library resources.
  • To acquire all types of resources (books/non book) for maximum utilization by providing various library services.
  • To cultivate reading habit and guide the pupil.

The school has a new well equipped fully air-conditioned library with more than 10000 books on various subjects namely: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Civics, Geography, Accountancy, Business studies, Informatics practice, Economics, Computer Science, Sports, Craft, Drawing/painting and books on Education are available in the library. Language books on English, Hindi, Malayalam and Sanskrit are also available in the library. There is a vast collection of various books in the library. Short stories, fictions, novels, autobiographies and poetry books are also available in the library

We subscribe to four national newspapers namely The Hindu, Indian Express, Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhumi and magazines like National Geographic Magazine, Frontline, Electronics For You, Reader's Digest, India Today, Competition Success Review, Science Reporter, Science India, Executive Knowledge Lines,The Week, Sports star, Tinkle, Balarama, Balabhoomi etc.

In addition to this, the reference section contains more than 800 books with Dictionaries, Tourist Books and Encyclopaedias like Britannica (30 volumes), McGraw Hill encyclopaedia of science and technology (20 volumes) Encyclopaedia of animals (20 volumes), Britannica-Global Edition Encyclopaedia (30 volumes), World Book Encyclopaedia (22 Volumes) etc.

The library has a number of audio visual aids. A 29 inch TV, Audio & Video player and more than 350 educational CDs are available in the library. Illuminated globes of Earth, Moon and Universe are also available in the library.

To improve the reading habit among students of lower classes, the class library system is being followed for classes I to V. Open access system is introduced to students of higher classes. Teachers and students make use of the library with the help of well experienced librarian. Book reviews and word exercises are regularly done to enhance reading habit among students. Student's creativity, interesting articles, and details about books are regularly kept on display.


VSSC Central School Library is now automated using the library software LIBSOFT Version 4.1.We can access Library Catalogue (OPAC-Online Public Access Catalogue) through Internet. LIBSOFT Web OPAC is now working at Staff and students can access Web OPAC from any computer connected to Internet. Classification of books were done using DDC Scheme (Dewy Decimal Classification). Data entry work and bar-coding of books were also done.

VSSC Central School Library do a lot of service to students and teachers. We provide newspaper clipping service, routing of periodicals, current awareness service etc.

School library has adequate number of Subject books, Language books, Reference books and other reading books. Open access system is followed in our library. Students are allowed to select books according to their interest. The librarian suggests books to children for reading and encourage them in creative writing.

We have a Digital Library also. Digital Library is now working at Digital Library stores various types of digitized information including Scanned Articles, News Paper Clippings, Project reports, Various PDFs, YouTube links, E-journals, E-Books, Open Access Journals, Web OPAC, Live News etc. It will be useful for both students and teachers.

Online activities done during the Covid-19 pandemic situation are the following:

  • Celebrated the National Reading Month(19th June 2020 to 18th July 2020).The students were given instructions to take “Reading Day Pledge” and to participate in various competitions like Quiz, Open Art and Essay Writing conducted by PN Paniker Foundation.
  • Librarian has given a talk about the "VSSC Central school library". This audio clip was recorded and uploaded in Google Classroom.
  • List of books recommended by CBSE to promote reading habit among children was uploaded in Google Classroom. Web Links of books that can be downloaded free of cost were also provided.
  • Details regarding various web links/websites which provide access to free online e-books, online comics for children, animated stories for kids and audio books were also provided through Google Classroom.
  • List of free Science e-books, textbooks, lecture notes, monographs and other Science related documents were posted in Google Classroom.
  • List of freely downloadable textbooks on various subjects like Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine and Physics were also posted in Google Classroom.
  • Book Reviews were presented by the librarian. The presentations were recorded and uploaded in Google Classroom. Book review videos of the following books were uploaded
    • "An Era of Darkness:The British Empire in India" written by Shri Shashi Tharoor.
    • "Secret" written by Mrs Rhonda Byrne.
    • "Letters from a father to his daughter" written by Shri Jawaharlal Nehru.
    • "OruKudayumKunjuPengalum" written by ShriMuttathuVarkey.
    • "Alchemist" written by MrPaulo Coelho.
    • "Kite Runner" written by Shri Khalid Hussain.
    • "Randidangazhi" written by Sri Thakazhishivashankara Pillai.
    • "Ministry of utmost Happiness" written by SmtArundhathi Roy.
    • "OruSankeerthanam Pole" written by Shri PerumbadavamSreedharan.
    • "UnnikuttanteLokam" written by Shri Nandanar.
    • "Manjhu" written by Shri MT Vasudevan Nair.
    • "Wings of Fire" written by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • Book review articles of various novels, short stories & autobiographies are also posted in Google Classroom.The following were the articles posted :
    • "Wuthering Heights" written by Emily Jane Bronte.
    • "And The Mountains Echoed" written by Khaled Hosseini.
    • "Great Expectations" written by Charles Dickens.
    • "The Ivory Throne: Chronicles of the House of Travancore" written by Manu S Pillai.
    • "The Moonstone" written by Wilkie Collins.
    • "The Da Vinci Code" written by Dan Brown.
    • "The Immortals of Meluha" written by Sri Amish Tripathi.
    • "To Kill a Mocking Bird" written byHarper Lee.
    • "The Centerville Ghost": A humorous short story by Oscar Wild.
    • "I am Malala" written by Malala Yousafzai co-written with Christina Lamb.
    • "The Vendor of sweets" written by RK Narayan.
  • As a part of Independence Day celebrations 2020 an article on "The History and significance of India's 74th Independence Day" was posted in Google Classroom. Details of books related to India's Freedom struggle was also posted in Google Classroom
  • Celebrated the National Library Week 2020 (November 14th to 20th).An Article on the “History and Importance of National Library Week was posted in the Google Classroom. Reference books, Fiction and Non-Fiction books of famous authors were exhibited in the library.

During the Second Phase of Covid-19 Pandemic Situation, the following activities were done:

  • Celebrated the 26th National Reading Month(19th June 2021 to 18th July 2021).The students were given instructions to take "Reading Day Pledge" and to participate in various competitions like Quiz, Open Art and Essay Writing conducted by PN Panicker Foundation
  • Book Reviews were presented by the librarian during the second phase of Covid-19 Pandemic, situation. The presentations were recorded and uploaded in Google Classroom. Book review videos of the following books were uploaded:

    • The Treasure Hunt written by Mrs. Christine Gomez
    • Dust on the mountain written by Mr.Ruskin Bond
    • The Moonstone written by Mr.Wilkie Collins
    • Kanthapura written by Shri.Raja Rao
    • The World outside My Window written by Mr.Ruskin Bond.
    • Europiloode written by Shri.SK.Pottekkatt
    • Things Fall Apart written by Mr.Chinua Achebe
    • The Monkeys Paw written by Mr.WW.Jacobs
    • Lord of the flies written by Sir William Golding.
    • Wuthering Heights written by Mrs.Emily Bronte
    • When Breath Becomes Air written by Dr.Paul Kalanithi
    • Himavante Mukalthattil written by Shri Rajan Kakkanadan

    As a part of Independence Day celebrations 2021 an article on "The History and significance of India's 75th Independence Day" was posted in Google Classroom and in the Digital Library.